Shakti School Coaching Program

A path to sharing your gifts with

Radiance, Confidence & Leadership

Online & Free

Every Morning: September 2nd to September 6th: 9 am pst

Mark your calendars and set an alarm, You won’t want to miss this.


It all started when…

I hit a rock bottom 15 years ago and I was searching for something to heal me…

I did not know what it was, I kept trusting the signs and followed them.

Kundalini Yoga landed in my life.

There are the five gems that allowed me to discover the Divine Feminine power that lives in All Beings.

Using this ancient science and path, I healed and begun to understand that I was 99% energy and had to work on myself if I wanted a different life.

I knew so much more was possible.

I longed to cultivate my own unique gifts, share and prosper from them. I discovered a way to activate & sustain my Shakti Power.

Over this week I will offer a one hour of Shakti School coaching with some of the most powerful Kundalini Yoga teachings for women that can support you on your path of unveiling and activating your Shakti.

Are you ready to truly step into your gifts and serve? There is no greater happiness then a purpose filled life.

The root of all success lies in your relationship to your own Soul first and foremost.

Prosperity, Health and Happiness are a by product of living PRO-SPIRIT.

Here is what you will learn - step by step:

  1. The foundation of a healing and thriving creative life

Understanding you are 99% energy and cultivating a practice that can take care and direct that energy. How to heal the issues in your tissues and move beyond the ‘I’ into the ‘WE’ and serve the collective.

Cultivating a daily relationship to that energetic part of 

yourself is where your wombyfestation are sourced from.  

2. Ignite your passion and purpose:

Develop your unique creative gifts so you can serve and take care of your life doing what you love to do. Learn the three elements of Living Pro-Spirit.

3. Lead with Radiance, power & grace:

Surround yourself in a community of women that you can support you on your healing journey.

A Path to Radiance, Confidence and Leadership

Every morning: September 2nd to September 6th:

9 am pst


Mark your calendars and set an alarm, You won’t want to miss this.

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This is the age of Aquarius. The age of self initiation.

Nobody can do it for you but you.

Freedom takes work.